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JUNE 2020

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During UN World Oceans month, we celebrated our love for the ocean & those fighting to save it. Watch our videos to explore cutting-edge technologies, and learn how to participate in ocean research and activism - even while at home.  

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Ocean Climate Solutions with Project Drawdown 

Dr. Elizabeth Bagley

The ocean is in trouble, but there are lots of solutions we can put into place to turn the tide. Dr. Elizabeth Bagley, Director of Drawdown Learn at Project Drawdown, will explain the science of climate change and how it affects the ocean. She’ll also highlight the amazing solutions - both nature-based and people-powered -- that will help us make a difference.

Sketches from the Deep: Tiny Plankton & Ocean Innovation 

Dr. Amy Mass

Even though the ocean covers 70% of the planet’s surface, more than 80 percent of our ocean is unmapped, unobserved, and unexplored. Dr. Amy Maas, Associate Scientist at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences and the NASA Exports project team explain how innovation and technology help ocean scientists study plankton, the tiny guys who matter a lot.

Sketches from the Deep: Drawing Sea Creatures 

Dr. William Beebe

Artists, grab your paints, pencils, and pastels and participate in a virtual drawing exercise of three deep sea marine creatures with Dr. William Beebe. Share your sketches using #storiesxfuture. In 1934, Dr. Charles William Beebe - a biologist and naturalist -- was the first to explore the deep sea with a record breaking dive of 3028 feet in the bathysphere, a revolutionary innovation for deep sea exploration. Dr. Beebe was connected through a telephone to scientists and artists on board the ship at the surface. They used Dr. Beebe's descriptions to draw the fantastical sea creatures Beebe described.

NASA Exports

Dr. Jason Graff

Dr. Graff is an Assistant Professor Senior Research at the Oregon State University Department of Botany & Plant Pathology. He's also a researcher on the NASA Ocean EXPORTS team studying the transfer of carbon to the deep ocean through phytoplankton. Follow his journey into ocean science and learn what innovations help his work as an oceanographer.

Yoga for the Ocean

Yogi Beans

Did you know, every other breath you take comes from the ocean? This family friendly yoga class with Yogi Beans will have you going on an ocean yoga adventure, saluting the sun and breathing deeply – all in appreciation of the ocean!

Use our AR filter created by the artist Kristin Lucas to show your support for the oceans!

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StoriesXFuture started in 2018 as a series of events in Latin America organized by Garage Stories, an innovation lab exploring the potential of emerging media. Using their unique design thinking methodology, it gathered creative minds to generate innovative ideas for impact. In mid-2019, they joined forces with Overview Collective, an experiential media company that added their expertise in XR and campaigning for impact, sustainability, and their network of experts.
Garage Stories is an emerging media content lab born in a Silicon Valley’s Hacker House in 2017 with the aim to develop the language of new mediums and explore their potential with a human centric approach. Garage Stories has organized labs and workshops around the world; MIT Media Lab, Cannes, Sonar+D, TEDx.
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Overview Collective’s mission is to bring global, big picture concepts down to Earth by providing fun and engaging ways to learn about sustainable lifestyles and the green economy. We support local SDG implementation, seeding new ideas and enabling action for a more sustainable and just planet.
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