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Why we do that?
Glad you ask this question!

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Our Manifesto

We live in challenging times,
and we certainly all want change .

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But what really matters for us is:

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We potentially already have enough ideas to transition towards a more sustainable and fair future.

So this is what we question:
what needs to take action?

Changing is hard, but there's hope!
We believe that stories will foster the adoption of new behaviours .


At SXF we want to activate collective change and effectively build a better future.

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The rebels with a cause.

Insanely talented content creators, technologists, architects, designers, gamers, writers, artists, marketing experts, futurists, etc.

Do you sometimes struggle to find funding? Distribution? Or how to market your creations? 

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Our sidekicks.

Ethic brands that understand that companies need a profit, but also for a purpose, and that ultimately, this is the only way to connect with audiences.

You need authentic and honest content.

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Our partners in crime.

Whose investments in startups that strive to build a better world with their products and services, would highly benefit from more sensitive audiences ready to embrace change.

What would happen if a percentage of their investment portfolio was dedicated to relevant content? Could that make their startups most successful?

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Why emerging media?


What value adds technology to storytelling?

What power do interactive and

immersive stories have?

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classic forms of art

and storytelling

are static and only allow audiences to interpret the message from the artist

Discover our gallery of projects

Interactive performances

Live exhibits

Virtual Reality Games

AR apps

web 3 projects


or contact us at hello (a)

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