Can stories

change the


In this 5 week incubation program you will explore the potential of emerging media (VR/AR/AI/5G),  improve your business acumen, and design innovative projects for impact.

Our goal is to foster action for a better future by incubating projects and stories with the potential to inspire collective action on the Sustainable Development Goals.


Life in plastic,

is it


Can we be satisfied

when we are

not equal?

Can food waste

help feed the

 hungry ?

What education

is necessary for the

the jobs of the future?

Is happiness

the best medicine

for your health?

Can your story change the world?

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The 5 week program includes:
-  Bi-weekly live working sessions with industry experts to inspire and sharpen skills,
- Methodological tools to support project design,
- Access to a network of XR, sustainability and innovation industry experts and
- Connection to a network of international creators to join forces with.

Week  1 

SESSION 1 - Oct 26th

Kick Off &


We’ll present the goal and structure of the program and organise a live matchmaking event for those who want to build their project in collaboration with creatives who have complementary skills and similar goals.

(The program is tailored to foster international synergies, though we also welcome those who want to work individually - read more below).

SESSION 2 - Oct 28th

Inspiration Phase - Research

& Meet the Subject Experts

The session will kick off with a panel of experts who will answer the question: “What is Impact?” while exploring impact motivations from different campaign perspectives, including advocacy, fundraising, and behavior change. Panelists include Shani Winterstein, Bruce Morrow, Benjamin Kumpf, and Tom Perry. Following this, Kristin Gutekunst  will share insights collected from years working with new media & XR for the SDGs.

Week  2

SESSION 3 - Nov 2nd

Value Proposal

Masterclass with Marta Ordeig, Founder of Garage Stories, who has led innovation workshop all over the world; and Jesse Damiani, curator, speaker and visionary of the XR industry. They will help you start identifying and articulating your project value proposition: why does it need to exist and who are the allies that can help you make it happen? The masterclass will also look into different use cases of successful projects and explore techniques to build your vision and KPIs.


Founder Garage Stories



Deputy Director of Emerging Tech y at SNHU • Forbes Contributor • Curator/Producer of New Media Exhibitions

SESSION 4 - Nov 4th

Storytelling & Conceptualisation

Masterclass with Barnaby Churchill Steel, Founder and Director at Marshmallow Laser Feast ("Tree Hugger", "Ocean of Air") and Ricardo Laganaro, Partner and Chief StoryTelling Officer at ARVORE (“A Linha / The Line”, “Step to the Line”), each creating  groundbreaking examples of how VR’s horizons can be expanded to change people lives and expand our perceptions. They will share their creative process and some good practices to design effective narratives for impact.


Founder and Director

Marshmallow Laser Feast


Chief Storytelling Director


Week  3

SESSION 5 - Nov 9th

Design for Impact

Masterclass with George Aye, founder of Greater Good Studio which uses design to fight oppression. He’ll discuss how to  design impactful projects that go beyond the "user centric design" to question whose needs we start with to build a better planet. 


Co-Founder Greater Good Studio

Former IDEO

SESSION 6 - Nov 11th

Business Models

Masterclass with Ulrico Grech-Cumbo, Founder of HabitatXR, (“Gorilla VR” with the Ellen Fund), an expert in launching and scaling new businesses. He will share his experience to help participants design and implement models to make projects economically sustainable and scalable.


Founder HabitatXR,

DeepVR, AmbrosiaXR

Week  4

SESSION 7 - Nov 16th

Distribution & Marketing

Masterclass with Myriam Achard, Director of PR and Communications at Phi CentreShe will share her expertise producing and distributing successful projects and campaigns. It will help participants learn how to build a distribution strategy, including metrics, financial considerations, and how to communicate and reach target audiences.


Chief, New Media Partnerships & PR

Phi Centre


Immersive Media Consultant

Game Plan

SESSION 8 - Nov 18th


Masterclass with Tipatat Chennavasin, director at VR Fund and VR/ AR/ AI investor, who will share some best practices  for delivering the perfect presentation or pitch. This session will help participants effectively communicate the potential of an idea so as to find allies, partners and investors to make it happen.



VR Fund

Week  5

FINAL EVENT - Nov 24th

Pitch sessions with

experts & mentors

Pitching session via Zoom. Teams will be divided in breakout rooms and given the chance to pitch their ideas to experts and mentors who will select the best pitch (up to 10 teams per room). The best pitches will repeat in front of all participants. The goal? Create synergies to make projects happen!

¡Spots are limited!
per person
The program is open to all creators willing to sharpen their skills to build impactful projects!
Teams or Individuals with or without an existing idea or project
You can join with a pre-established team or as an individual, and can join the matchmaking process to find other participants to join your project as necessary.
 The matchmaking process is designed to help individual participants join teams with an idea they like, or find other creatives without a pre-existing idea looking to build a team.







Brand experts

Mkt experts







Editors​ & Writers





Our mission is to create opportunities for content creators to team up with experts to decode scientific knowledge and build engaging projects powered by brands that believe in a better future to inspire collective action. 
Garage Stories is an emerging media content lab born in a Silicon Valley’s Hacker House in 2017 with the aim of developing the language of new mediums and exploring their potential with a human-centric approach. Garage Stories has organized labs and workshops around the world (MIT Media Lab, Cannes Film Festival, Sonar+D, Mar de Plata, etc.) fostering connections and the development of projects with potential for positive impact. Some of their projects have been presented at TEDx.
Overview Collective’s mission is to bring global, big picture concepts down to Earth by providing fun and engaging ways to tackle climate action, adopt more sustainable lifestyles, and plug into the green economy. Our innovative approaches to education, vocational training, and workforce development and recruitment include XR content production and immersive activations such as hackathons, escape rooms, interactive workshops and
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