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Unlock a better future
with your creativity

Programs and competitions to highlight the social an economic potential of stories
(and media in general) as tools for change.

Upcoming programs:





short films to inspire a better future between humans and technology.

DEADLINE: November 30th 23:59 ET 2022

Our online annual open call for short films (live action or animation) that propose an alternative imaginarium of positives futures where technology becomes human's best ally to foster a better future.

We also organize on-demand programs IRL around the world. Check them out!

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15-16 october

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 Dear Digital nomad:
You are invited to co- design the
new rural hubs! 

  #innovationHUB #codesign 

 Dear CDMX citizen:
We invite you to design the 
City of Mexico 2030!

  #AR #designfutures 

 TBC 2022 




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Why we do that?
Glad you ask this question!

We live in challenging times, and

We all want change,

but for us, it is all about
WHO wants 



We potentially already have enough ideas to transition towards a more sustainable and fair future, but changing is hard...

...there's hope tho!

We believe that stories can foster the adoption of new behaviours to activate collective change and effectively build a better future.

And we are building an ecosystem where those stories can be created by matching different needs, such as the ones from...


Insanely talented content creators, technologists, architects, designers, gamers, writers, painters, marketing experts, futurists, etc! Who sometimes struggle to find funding, distribution or marketing for their creations. 


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Ethic brands that understand that companies need a profit, but also for a purpose, and that ultimately, this is the only way to connect with audiences. They need authentic and honest content.

and investors

Whose investments in startups that strive to build a better world with their products and services, would highly benefit from more sensitive audiences ready to embrace change. What would happen if a percentage of their investment portfolio was dedicated to relevant content?

Do you like what you are reading?


contact us!

They are part of our
community already.

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More about us

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is an online global community that aims to bring creators and innovators together to harness the power of technology and emerging media to build an alternative imaginarium of what the future can look like and foster collective change.

It draws the years of experience of Garage Stories organizing innovation labs worldwide to generate innovative ideas and empower the community at large to define the ethics of new industries and shape the potential and relevant use cases of new media.

In 2019-20, they joined forces with Overview Collective, an experiential media company that added their expertise in XR and campaigning for impact, sustainability, and their network of experts; to organize an event in New York City for NYC Climate Week, and a worldwide incubator where they brought together scientist and new media experts.


Since 2021, StoriesXFuture has become home to an ever growing community of creators around the word committed to use their talent for a higher purpose and engage citizens in transitioning together to a better future.

We are based in NYC and Barcelona, but we work globally.

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