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The Ground Screams To Whisper

The Grounds Screams To Whisper is an Afro-Gothic immersive game experience that allows audiences to experience the triumph of being a female freedom fighter and re-live their often-erased stories of shaping Kenya’s independence struggle & post-colonial history.

In this game, the player picks a character and uncovers various clues to complete their mission to free the women's souls stuck in the world of the in-between. This experience takes us through the world of the living and the in-between, through completing rites, rituals, songs, and colonial edicts to cross over to the world of the ancestors. Can you find a way to freedom before the mists set in?

Technologies involved: 3D animation, 6DoF, Installation, Interactivity, Augmented Reality, AR, Web XR (Will be built in Unreal Engine)

Project status: In Research and Development

Creator: Nyambura M. Waruingi (link)



Virtual Reality (also creating iterations for web and mobile to increase audience access)




Key data:

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