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A interactive VR documentary experience that, through dance and a mask, takes the user on an immersive journey while learning the stories and origins of the Pillaro’s Devil Dance in Ecuador.

Masquerade it's all about dances and masks. It is an interactive VR experience that uses body movement to immerse you in the universe of traditional festivities and celebrations in different countries. It is a journey through the worldview of ancestral towns and tribes where the user, guided by an emblematic character who encourages the party with his mask and dance, follows the steps and movements to learn more about the story that surrounds these traditions. The mask will be the element that will allow access to these worlds that will be modified according to the interaction and dance skills of the user. This project is an immersive space to have fun, be entertained and learn from the interaction with the movements of each dance. Masquerade is a global experience, in each chapter the user will meet the most representative character of each festivity and learn more about the tradition and it's progress over time. This character will encourage and motivate the user in their dance, creating a festive atmosphere and providing key information about the celebration. In this first chapter, the experience will explore Pillaro’s Devil Dance, a celebration considered one of the most important in Ecuador and which has been declared as intangible cultural heritage of the country. The festivitie represents the indigenous and mestizo protest against the exploitation and oppression of the Spanish Conquest in Ecuador. The user will be part of the ritual and will follow the 7 dance steps of the devils. Each step will reveal the symbols and elements that are part of the Diablada such as the rebellion against the conquest, the origin of the festivity, the syncretism that has been forged over the years, the elements of clothing, the characters, the struggle between groups of the town and the possibility of acquiring supernatural powers to have control over evil forces.

Technologies involved: 360 stereoscopic video, 3D, motion capture with Rokoko Suit, Volumetric capture with Depth kit, Ambisonic Sound.

Project status: Advanced development.

Creator: Juan Pablo Urgilés"(link)

Original Cultures


Interactive VR experience for Meta Quest 2




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