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StoriesXFuture started in 2018 as a series of events in Latin America organized by Garage Stories, an innovation lab exploring the potential of emerging media to foster positive impact. Using their unique design thinking methodology, it gathered creative minds to generate innovative ideas for impact.

In mid-2019, they joined forces with Overview Collective, an experiential media company that added their expertise in XR and campaigning for impact, sustainability, and their network of experts; to organize an event in New York City for NYC Climate Week to generate ideas to foster citizen engagement to change and commit to better patterns for sustainability. 

In 2020, both parties organized a worldwide 5 weeks incubator for emerging media projects aiming to build new narratives around sustainability and social justice, where they brought together scientist and new media experts.

Since 2021, StoriesXFuture has become home to an ever growing community of creators around the word committed to use their talent for a higher purpose and engage citizens in transitioning together to a better future.


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