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StoriesXFuture is a global series of events that brings together the brightest minds to actively architect a new future and explore how emerging technologies such as AR, MR, VR, and AI can foster climate action, and help the transition to greener, more sustainable cities.
Due to the current crisis, we've adapted our format to create a worldwide working group of climate experts and creators to establish several lines of action to turn the crisis into an opportunity to build a better future.
We want to take advantage of this opportunity to create momentum and break down silos between climate activists, government, technologists and the creative community to establish new lines of action to build a better world post CRISIS.
Because more than ever we need to be able to collectively imagine a positive future where can all have a decent life in it. Stories are the strongest tool we have to create visions of the future, an emerging media can help activate collaborative action to make those stories come true.
Online webinars, presentations and working sessions
Webinars with sustainability experts
Talks with local leaders who will share the insights into different topics related to the lines of action of StoriesXFuture such as food, oceans, resilient communities, global solidarity, circular economy, etc.
XR Creators Series
This virtual discussion series will provide a platform for selected artists to spotlight their XR experiences and discuss their successful campaigns for impact. It will unite artists with experts in the subject matter, leaving viewers with clear ways to support each cause, and best practices for using XR for impact.
Working Session
Online session for creators and experts to come together to share experiences and work together 

"We have the responsibility to create our future. This is not about sitting back and just by default letting the future happen. This is about a future by design and by intent, by collective intent perhaps even more importantly”

Christiana Figueres
Small Business Meetup
Mountain View
City Networking Event
Flatiron District
Sunset Rooftop Party
West Village
Every week we publish 10 initiatives and invite the creators to share their work
in our Creators Series.

Cardio with Christina

9:00 am

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Chris Fit

Boxing with Jasmine

9:30 am

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Jasmine Aziz

Weight Lifting with Iron

10:00 am

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Iron Mike

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We will also pair you with experts and institutions with whom you could join forces.
Our board of sustainability experts is different verticals that will share their expertise
during our online webinars as well as join forces with creators to help document their projects.
If you are a company, brand or NGO towards the SDGs, please contact us asap so we can pair you with relevant creators, launch an open call to look for ideas!
Some our partners:
we also provide
on media Impact Strategies
We offer our experts and creators
consulting services
for companies 
impact, XR,
and much more!
Garage Stories is an emerging media content lab born in a Silicon Valley’s Hacker House in 2017 with the aim to develop the language of new mediums and explore their potential with a human centric approach. Garage Stories has organized labs and workshops around the world (MIT Media Lab, Cannes Film Festival, Sonar+D, Mar de Plata, etc.) fostering connections and the development of projects with potential for positive impact. Some of their projects have been presented at TEDx. www.garagestories.org
Overview Collective’s  mission is to bring global, big picture concepts down to Earth by providing fun and engaging ways to learn about and engage with sustainability and the green economy. Innovative storytelling in combination with cutting edge experiential marketing and public engagement techniques spark awareness and action, inspiring new approaches to education, vocational training, and workforce development and recruitment. www.overviewcollective.com
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