Focus: Social Justice

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Year long virtual incubator to bring creators from radically different backgrounds together to craft collective visions of how technology and emerging media can bring us together to build a better future.

The result will be a series of short stories (4 to 6 minutes) depicting potentials forms of cooperation between humans and machines to create an alternative imaginarium to Hollywood distopian visions of the future.

We invite creatives -content creators to technologists, architects, psycologists, marketing experts, etc!; from all over world to:


Learn about the potential of emerging technologies (NFT, 5G, AI, VR) from tech industry pioneers.


Be inspired about effective strategies to ignite positive change from social justice leaders.


Meet other creators worldwide with your same passion  to build a better world.


Tell stories that create positive visions about using technology for social justice.

January 11th - November 29th 2022

Every TUESDAY at 18:00h CET will take place a 30 minutes LIVE masterclass via ZOOM with a different expert.

30 minutes TALK
25 minutes Q & A






Calendar will be published a month in advance.
January & February lineup coming soon.

Participants will have access to an online community to interact with speakers, other participants and mentors.

We will provide online DESIGN FICTION tools via MURAL that participants can use for remote collaborative work.


can join on an ongoing basis from anywhere. They will have access to all the recorded session + all the upcoming live sessions.

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Participants are encouraged to submit a 4 to 6 minutes film depicting potentials forms of cooperation between humans and emerging tech to foster social justice.

The best 10 stories will make it into "Vision from 2020: The Movie". A sort of Love Actually between humans and machines.

+ The best 2 project will receive $3,500 each.