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StoriesXFuture is a worldwide working group of sustainability experts, technologists and storytellers that explores the power of emerging technologies such as AR, VR, MR and AI to foster positive impact, and accelerate the transition to greener, more resilient cities.
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Oct 26th - Nov 24th 2020

In this 5 week incubation program you will explore the potential of emerging media (VR/AR/AI/5G),  improve your business acumen, and design innovative projects for impact.


Bi-weekly sessions with experts who will share their expertise in different areas: storytelling, business modelling, pitching and distribution.


We will help you match with other creators from all over the world with similar interests and complementary skills.


Participants will receive tools and indications to work on the different aspects of their project to strengthen its value proposition.


You will have access to our international pool of industry mentors

and subject experts  to support your project development.

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We want to take advantage of this opportunity to create momentum and break down silos between climate activists, government, technologists and the creative community to establish new lines of action to build a better world post CRISIS.
​This virtual discussion series will spotlight artistic inspiration and successful campaigns for impact. It will unite artists with experts in the subject matter, share important insights and successful campaign methodologies and outline clear ways to support each cause.
This series will tackle the challenges, trends and opportunities affecting climate action, urban sustainability and XR, taking into consideration the rapid changes we face as a society. It will accept that in this uncertainty, there is opportunity to reorient our priorities and outline predictions and suggestions for achieving these goals.

"We have the responsibility to create our future. This is not about sitting back and just by default letting the future happen. This is about a future by design and by intent, by collective intent perhaps even more importantly”

Christiana Figueres


We select and publish some of the best projects within the community and we invite the creators to share their work in our Creators Series.

Presented at AWEXR19/ Nominee Best use XR technology CES 2020 (DreamlandXR)

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SIA is a mixed reality solution build with Magic Leap to empower people with cognitive disabilities become more independent. Via augmented characters and stories, SIA moulds the world to your abilities and guides you through daily tasks and routines.

#sanfrancisco #inclusiveness #storiesxfuture


Cristy Stone - Research Lead

Eric Flowers - UX Designer

Noreen Qureshi - Product Manager

Darius Clarke  - VR/AR Developer

Ewan Johnson - Entrepreneur

Presented at SmartCityExpo19/ 

Supported by L'H (Barcelona) City Council

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LaiApp creates volumetric sculptures of local inspiring women who might not appear in history books, but who've done highly relevant things in their neighbourhoods. LaiApp wants to preserve their stories and inspire future generations.

#lhospitalet #women #storiesxfuture


Carolina Gaona - Storytelling Lead

Moisés de Abreu - VR/AR Developer

Carles Ribot - Volumetric Video

Presented at Climate Week NYC 19

Impact Forum19 (BCN)

Inspired by young climate activist Alexandria Villaseñor and Greta Thunberg, StrikAr offers the possibility to join demonstrations remotely via your personal avatar anywhere in the world to show your support.

#newyorkcity #activism #storiesxfuture


Richard Gene Farmer - Producer

Luis Felipe - AR/VR Developer
Chris Kaczmarek - UX
Sweksha Sinha - Design & Tech

Christy Casey - Acting
Ahsan Qureshi - Marketer

Presented at TEDx Guatemala 2018

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BitBooks are interactive pieces of AR content that through storytelling foster experimental learning amongst young students. Each Bb invites them to join exciting expeditions, adventures, etc, to learn about different subjects such as Geography, History or even Maths! Each BitBook contains a piece of the whole story, allowing kids to exchange knowledge and interact between themselves.

#guatemala #education #storiesxfuture


Denis Guerrero - Filmmaker

Alejandro Valenzuela - Entrepreneur

Holly Millán - Graphic Designer

Norman Vicente - Apps Developer

We will also pair you with experts and institutions with whom you could join forces.
Our board of sustainability experts is different verticals that will share their expertise
during our online webinars as well as join forces with creators to help document their projects.
If you are a company, brand or NGO towards the SDGs, please contact us asap so we can pair you with relevant creators, launch an open call to look for ideas!
Some our partners:
we also provide
on media Impact Strategies




Producing events, programming

panels and workshops

Video & marketing

Brand engagement & strategy

Partnership strategy

Social impact campaign design

Design thinking & team building

StoriesXFuture started in 2018 as a series of events in Latin America organized by Garage Stories, an innovation lab exploring the potential of emerging media. Using their unique design thinking methodology, it gathered creative minds to generate innovative ideas for impact. In mid-2019, they joined forces with Overview Collective, an experiential media company that added their expertise in XR and campaigning for impact, sustainability, and their network of experts.
Garage Stories is an emerging media content lab born in a Silicon Valley’s Hacker House in 2017 with the aim to develop the language of new mediums and explore their potential with a human centric approach. Garage Stories has organized labs and workshops around the world; MIT Media Lab, Cannes, Sonar+D, TEDx.
Overview Collective’s mission is to bring global, big picture concepts down to Earth by providing fun and engaging ways to learn about sustainable lifestyles and the green economy. We support local SDG implementation, seeding new ideas and enabling action for a more sustainable and just planet.
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