We foster connections between powerful ideas and
relevant stories to build a better future.

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who wants  to change


We all want change,

and we potentially already have enough ideas to transition towards a more sustainable and fair future,
so why are we not there yet?

Well, changing is hard. But we believe stories have an immense social an economic potential as tools to foster the adoption of new behaviours and beliefs to activate collective change and effectively build a better future.




Content creators, technologists, architects, designers, gamers, writers, psychologists, marketing experts, etc! Join to gain access to masterclasses, tools, community, showcase your work, virtual programs and gigs & grants from our supporting "INNOVATORS".

Motivational Speaker


Brands, startups, foundations, foundations and all sorts of organizations that strive to build a better world with their products and services. Join to find creators that can help foster collective change and support their work.


Three months long program that will feature leading technologists and activist to inspire creators build narratives for an alternative future.


about us


Stories X Future

is an online global community that aims to bring creators and innovators together to harness the power of technology and emerging media to build an alternative imaginarium of what the future can look like and foster collective change.

It draws the years of experience of Garage Stories organizing innovation labs worldwide to generate innovative ideas and empower the community at large to define the ethics of new industries and shape the potential and relevant use cases of new media.

We are based in NYC and Barcelona, but we work globally.